DocuVieware Tutorial for Blazor

This article introduces you to the DocuVieware control. You learn about the new Blazor web platform and its hosting models, and integrate DocuVieware with a Blazor WebAssembly app.

Monitoring NGINX Performance with New Relic

Over 15 years ago, NGINX started its life as an open source web server designed to be fast, stable, and reliable. Today it’s one of the world’s fastest web servers and popularly used as a content cache and media streaming server. Available in both open source and commercial models, it’s incredibly efficient and works well on low-cost […]

Fitness Mapping with the Strava API and TomTom Maps

The TomTom location APIs and Maps SDKs make it easy to incorporate location and routing information using a sophisticated map, where we can layer more information if we’d like. This information can be incorporated into almost any app. When you combine the flexibility and ease of integration of TomTom technology with other data sources, you […]

Using the TomTom Maps SDK for Web with ASP.NET Core, Part 1

TomTom Maps SDK is a set of libraries that offer robust and comprehensive location services, including maps, search, routing, traffic, and geofencing. TomTom Maps SDKs are available for different platforms—Android, iOS, and Web. But can we put TomTom Maps SDK for Web to work with a popular web framework, such as ASP.NET Core? The answer […]