Best Practices for Creating Your Own Webhooks

Webhooks have become a popular way for different pieces of software to communicate with each other and are now an industry standard. As events drive most of the web, this concept has become more relevant because, unlike an API that awaits requests, webhooks actively send data and alerts whenever triggered. Using webhooks speeds up integration. […]

Automated ITSM Tools Comparison

With increasing disruptions, costly outages, and impending competitive threats, companies must redesign their IT service metrics to prioritize quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. Previously, IT focused more on managing hardware, networks, and systems to perform as expected, and less on delivering a top-tier customer experience. Shifting this focus requires information technology service management (ITSM) practices […]

6 Signs Your Incident Response Steps Are Working

Although IT incidents have always been a concern, the increase in customer-facing technology adds the cost of a bad customer experience to the cost of responding to and remediating an incident. While, in a perfect world, you’d be able to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, the reality is they do happen—more often […]

Who Should Be on Your Incident Response Team?

When an incident strikes, the organization’s reputation, revenue, and customer trust are at stake. Assembling an effective incident response team is critical to minimizing the incident’s impact. But what exactly is an incident response team? Who should be a part of the team and what are their responsibilities? Successful incident responses require a team with […]

Where Open-Source Scanning Fits into the Security Landscape

To build new technology, you need a foundation of existing technology. This is particularly true in software, where many applications rely on third-party libraries. Imagine if we had to build each component of every software product from the ground up. Every developer would need competency in several different areas, and as a result, there would […]

Understanding Open-Source Library Risk

Open-source software is open to the public for use and modification. Most software engineers and modern organizations have adopted this software development approach to build enterprise and web applications. In many software applications that we use today, as much as 80 percent of the code is open-source. We can categorize software into two main groups: […]

Reliable and Automatic Multi-Target Deployment

Multi-target deployment can feel tedious as you deploy the same code over and over to multiple clouds and environments — and none of them in the same way. With an automatic multi-target deployment tool, on the other hand, you do the work once and deliver your code everywhere it needs to be. Armory provides an […]

Reduce the Blast Radius of a Bad Deployment with Automated Canary Analysis

Software deployment processes differ across organizations, teams, and applications. The most basic, and perhaps the riskiest, is the “big bang deployment.” This strategy updates all nodes within the target environment simultaneously with the new software version. This deployment strategy causes many issues, including downtime while the update is in progress. It can also be challenging […]

Driving Security Incident Remediation with Integrated Communications

In today’s age of fast-moving everything, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. This means having a system committed to the company’s mission and vision that’s dynamic enough to remain innovative. For this to happen, every aspect of a business’s processes — from management to product development and delivery — must be forward-looking. Developing […]

Focusing SRE Incident Response Through Automation

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) have one of the most demanding jobs in the DevOps world. Modern enterprises depend on applications and software services to keep their businesses running. Errors, slowdowns, and outages are costly. So when incidents occur, we must resolve them immediately. Unfortunately, the incident resolution isn’t always straightforward. Over the past decade, most […]