What’s New in Angular 9

Angular is one of the prominent open-source frameworks for building web and mobile applications. Developed by Google, Angular has evolved over the years into a comprehensive development framework that includes all of the tools and components required to build a web app. Angular follows a clear roadmap, with a new major version of Angular released […]

Embedding TomTom Maps in an iOS App with SwiftUI

Xcode 11 introduces a new way to build user interfaces called SwiftUI. From https://developer.apple.com/documentation/swiftui: SwiftUI provides views, controls, and layout structures for declaring your app’s user interface. The framework provides event handlers for delivering taps, gestures, and other types of input to your app, and tools to manage the flow of data from your app’s models […]

Understanding Fuzzy Search

In this article we will explain important search concepts including fuzzy search, and how to search options affect what results are returned in a search request 

What is Batch Routing and Matrix Routing?

In this article we’ll: review how routing works, review routing options such as rechable range, learn about using batch routing to request multiple routes at once, and learn about using matrix routing to compare routes.