How to Build a Scalable Prometheus Architecture

When building distributed, scalable cloud-native apps containing dozens or even hundreds of microservices, you need reliable monitoring and alerting. If you’re monitoring cloud-native apps in 2021, there’s a good chance you’ve chosen Prometheus. Prometheus is an excellent choice for monitoring containerized microservices and the infrastructure that runs them — often Kubernetes. However, Prometheus has an Achilles’ […]

Securing Secrets in Kubernetes

Conjur is an open-source, centralized platform that can be used to consistently enforce security policies for non-human identities for secrets management and access control.

Using Bots to Increase ChatOps Efficiency

Let’s face it: It’s been a long time since messaging was just about human-to-human communication (for high-performing organizations, at least). Today, bots and integrations are first-class citizens of messaging tools, and with good reason. Instead of waiting for a member of the DevOps team to receive an OpsGenie alert when a cloud system experiences a […]

Why Chat-Style Messaging is Crucial for Developer Productivity

For most organizations, software development is team-driven. Good communication—messaging—is crucial to working together as a team and, increasingly, for working effectively with the tools used by the team. In recent years, instant messaging has taken over not only social networks, but also the workplace. In many ways, a collaboration tool based on instant messaging is […]

What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)?

It wasn’t so long ago that software teams wrote code for months, or even years at a time before delivering to the customer. Teams deployed huge monolithic applications all at once. This approach translated into a lot of planning, a lot of QA, and a lot of stress, and it obviously has some downsides. With […]