Darren Braynard

Darren Braynard has over 20 years of programming experience in the aerospace, manufacturing, residential and commercial construction, legislative tracking, and BDPaaS (big data) industries. He is currently a senior software developer at M.C. Dean, Inc. where he provides electrical engineering design tools for 3D modeling and design validation analytics. Darren led the implementation of the analytics modules for the Navy’s Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance (MFOQA) program and other advanced proof of concepts for flight analysis. Early in his career, he witnessed the raw passion that executives have for seeking out problems in order to take corrective action in a timely manner when he was given the opportunity to create business intelligence reports with the COO of Palmetto Traditional Homes, LLC, which built over 500 homes a year in South Carolina before being acquired. After recently being introduced to Tableau, Darren published a productivity tool for Tableau to help track and visualize calculated field usage: https://github.com/mcdean/BiToolMetaBrowser


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