How Developers Can Make Money with HubSpot

This article will give you four realistic ways to make money using your HubSpot development skills.

Since you clicked on this article, there’s a high chance you already know what HubSpot is. But let’s still review: HubSpot software helps businesses manage marketing, sales, and services. With features including customer relationship management (CRM), social media tools, email tracking software, and marketing analytics, HubSpot is a one-stop hub for essentially all modern business needs.

With so many features, HubSpot’s products have created a rich ecosystem of tools to help enterprises of all shapes and sizes. So what does this mean for you? Plenty of opportunities to profit from your HubSpot skills.

From putting your creativity to good use developing original apps to lending your skills to companies in need and everything in between, there’s no shortage of ways to convert your developing prowess into income.

Interest piqued? Read on for four ways you can make money with HubSpot.

Developing Apps and Assets

Developing apps and assets is a great way to set up passive income. This means you work once to create a useful app or asset for HubSpot users, then sit back and watch sales roll in month after month for as long as your creations remain relevant.


As an ever-growing global software company, HubSpot welcomes independent app developers through the App Partner Program.

There are two essential steps to get going:

  1. Build your app. If you already have a fantastic idea, then get going! If you’re still looking for inspiration, start by considering what customer problems you can help fix. Either way, HubSpot is here to help you with quickstart guides, API documentation, and a thriving developer community.
  2. List your app on HubSpot’s App Marketplace. Once you finish building your app, it’s time to create a listing. Next, your app goes through an approval process. When it passes, your creation becomes accessible to all HubSpot users and clients and is ready to sell.

After listing your app, we recommend you get it certified by the HubSpot Product team. Their job is to ensure your app meets security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability, accessibility, and value requirements.

Certifying your app will help you stand out in the marketplace. This endorsement is essential to getting more downloads. As a bonus, you also get constructive feedback from the HubSpot Product team — knowledge you can apply when building your next app.

You can build your app and sell it yourself, and many developers are successful in their venture. But if you’re looking for something to help you kick off your career as an app-building powerhouse, HubSpot’s App Partner Program may be just the thing.

By joining the program, you get:

  • Help with distribution through the App Marketplace, where HubSpot’s 121,000+ customers (each installing an average of five apps) can find you.
  • Product and developer support from HubSpot.
  • Access to an extensive developer community to help grow your skills through events, newsletters, and forums.


Apps aside, you can also make themes, templates, and modules to sell on HubSpot’s Asset Marketplace or the third-party marketplace Envato.

Assets give non-technical business owners a way to make their websites look professional without sacrificing aesthetics. To broaden your reach, you can create multiple listings with different themes for different industries. Here, creativity meets tech. As a developer, it’s up to you to make it possible.

Not only do HubSpot asset developers make money selling templates, but many also generate extra income from additional services customers request. Fans of your web themes may be interested in purchasing your modules and email templates — or even hiring you for additional custom development. HubSpot’s Asset Marketplace helps you build your reputation and grow your own business.

Another benefit of selling on HubSpot’s Asset Marketplace is that it’s not exclusive. Even when you list your asset for sale, you can still use it for your projects outside of HubSpot.

Also, whether you’re planning to build apps or assets, HubSpot currently pays via PayPal or Stripe, no matter where you are in the world.

Working as a Freelancer or With an Agency

Many freelancers and agencies specialize in HubSpot development. There are plenty of opportunities to find work as a developer with HubSpot skills on your resume.

As a freelancer, you can build up your personal brand by emphasizing your HubSpot expertise and seek clients accordingly.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to find clients yourself, you can join HubSpot’s Solution Partners Program. This program connects capable freelancers and agencies with HubSpot customers looking to up their HubSpot game.

This program works best for:

  • Customer-centric agencies providing business consultations, sales, marketing, technology, and customer service strategies
  • Providers of CRM and other software, system integrations, and IT services
  • Sellers that provide hands-on help in marketing, customer service, and sales

The gist is this: if you already use HubSpot, and you’re good at it, you can earn some extra income helping other businesses take advantage of its full potential. A collateral benefit is that your HubSpot skills will also improve.

You can choose from two packages in the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program. Solutions Provider is a low-cost way to get started with the program and see if it’s right for you. Solutions Partner is for agencies serious about being a HubSpot expert.

Like listing apps and assets, we recommend you get certified after becoming a provider or a partner. Once you complete the Solutions Partner Certification, you will be classified as an official certified HubSpot Solutions Provider or Parter. This certification, in turn, builds a strong reputation and better customer trust.

Joining a Company

A growing number of companies rely on HubSpot, and there’s no shortage of job openings for HubSpot experts.

If you’re familiar with HubSpot’s products, be sure to list them on your resume. Sometimes companies even put out calls for developer roles that are purely HubSpot-focused. Depending on your level of software expertise, it’s something you can consider.

Joining THE Company

You can also take your skills to HubSpot and explore our career openings to find a role that suits you. Depending on your specialization, you can narrow your search by department. Some examples include:

  • Business Technology
  • Customer Success
  • Marketing
  • Product, UX & Engineering

From the US to Germany, to Singapore, and your own home office, HubSpot hires talent worldwide. Multiple role types and 13 different languages provide an abundance of opportunities to join our rapidly-growing company.

Ready to Monetize Your HubSpot Skills?

Being a HubSpot expert in today’s growing technology-driven market can be highly lucrative. It all comes down to how well you know the software and use your skills to help other business owners.

From developing and selling apps and assets to teaming up with HubSpot to finding HubSpot-focused employment, you have plenty of options to consider.

Whether you’re already a HubSpot expert or just starting, various opportunities will help you turn a profit. Sounds good? It’s time to put your HubSpot skills to work!

If you’re interested in developing expert technical content that performs, let’s have a conversation today.



If you work in a tech space and aren’t sure if we cover you, hit the button below to get in touch with us. Tell us a little about your content goals or your project, and we’ll reach back within 2 business days. 

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