Automated ITSM Tools Comparison

With increasing disruptions, costly outages, and impending competitive threats, companies must redesign their IT service metrics to prioritize quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. Previously, IT focused more on managing hardware, networks, and systems to perform as expected, and less on delivering a top-tier customer experience. Shifting this focus requires information technology service management (ITSM) practices […]

What is hyperparameter tuning?

Hyperparameter tuning is an essential part of controlling the behavior of a machine learning model. If we don’t correctly tune our hyperparameters, our estimated model parameters produce suboptimal results, as they don’t minimize the loss function. This means our model makes more errors. In practice, key indicators like the accuracy or the confusion matrix will […]

6 Signs Your Incident Response Steps Are Working

Although IT incidents have always been a concern, the increase in customer-facing technology adds the cost of a bad customer experience to the cost of responding to and remediating an incident. While, in a perfect world, you’d be able to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, the reality is they do happen—more often […]

5 Security Vulnerabilities That Observability Can Patch Right Now

Security incidents and cyber-attacks cost companies billions each year. Complex, distributed, or microservice-based applications make these incidents challenging to detect. One critical component of operational security is the ability to detect and prevent cyberattacks in running applications. But, building and maintaining secure applications before attacks occur offers even more value. We can develop software that […]

Understanding Open-Source License Risk

When someone uses an open-source software component, they automatically enter into an open-source license with the code’s author. Although open-source may seem like a free-for-all, this license is a legally binding contract that declares how and where you can use the code commercially. Usually, an open-source license permits you to freely modify a work and […]

Who Should Be on Your Incident Response Team?

When an incident strikes, the organization’s reputation, revenue, and customer trust are at stake. Assembling an effective incident response team is critical to minimizing the incident’s impact. But what exactly is an incident response team? Who should be a part of the team and what are their responsibilities? Successful incident responses require a team with […]

Where Open-Source Scanning Fits into the Security Landscape

To build new technology, you need a foundation of existing technology. This is particularly true in software, where many applications rely on third-party libraries. Imagine if we had to build each component of every software product from the ground up. Every developer would need competency in several different areas, and as a result, there would […]

What Makes a Great Checkout Experience?

Back in the Internet’s early days, placing an order online was a complicated — even scary — process. Typing out your personal information and submitting it (along with payment) to a faceless website was once a rare and tedious task. Few consumers would select that option over the simplicity of purchasing at a brick-and-mortar store. […]

Websites That Work for Marketers and Developers

Building websites that cater to customer needs is an integral part of scaling your business. To ensure a successful venture in today’s digital world, you need a sleek website that can adapt to current marketing and development trends. To achieve these goals, companies opt for many different website-building solutions. Marketing departments love “what you see […]

Urban City Centers and the Importance of Fresh Maps

As urban populations grow and roads are more congested, it’s becoming more challenging for commuters to reach their destination. Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many roads closed, triggering a whole host of route changes in a short amount of time. With these continual changes, fresh map data has become even more critical for ensuring accurate […]