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This page contains some examples of our work—if you work in a tech space and aren’t sure if we cater to you, feel free to get in touch and tell us more about your business. 

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In this article, we will focus on extracting the existing logic from the WPF application to expose it as a RESTful web service that can be consumed by both the cloud backend systems and the new mobile application.

This article explains what edge computing means and demonstrates how to set up an API service on Alibaba Cloud for use with an edge computing architecture.

This article demonstrates how easy it is to write and host code through Thriftly without having to write any protocol-specific handling code.

Download GitHubApiSnippets.zip – 8.1 KB Download demo – 140 KB Overview If you code, you’re probably already familiar with GitHub. It is …

In this article we discuss how quick and easy it is to incorporate Azure Cognitive Services in applications to add state-of-the-art machine learning emotion sensing features.

Introduction Let’s say we want to group some data. Each data element has some (numeric) attributes. Using these attributes, we want to …

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