Embedded IoT Databases with Actian Zen, Windows IoT Core and C#

In this article, our focus will be installing Actian Zen Edge Server for IoT on an ARM-based Raspberry Pi running the Windows IoT Core operating system, capturing some simple time series data, writing it to the Zen database and retrieving data from the database.

Using Web Components with React in 2019

Web Components. As web developers, we’ve been hearing about them for a long time. In theory, they sound amazing: a browser-native way of defining your own custom components. You can read more about Web Components in our articles Web Components – An Introduction and Practical Usage and Web Components Introduction: Creating Custom HTML Elements in 2018. JavaScript web […]

What to Expect in Angular 8

What’s New in Angular 8 Angular 8 is finally here! Although the Angular had originally planned to release Angular 8 in March or April, it didn’t happen until late May. With the new release now available, it’s important to understand what has changed so you’ll know how to approach Angular 8. Since Angular 7 is […]

Explaining k-means Clustering Using F#

Introduction Let’s say we want to group some data. Each data element has some (numeric) attributes. Using these attributes, we want to split the data into different clusters. For us humans this often can be done just by looking at the data. For a computer, this is harder to determine. Of course, we (humans) can […]