C++ Neural Network in a Weekend

Introduction Would you like to write a neural network from start to finish? Are you perhaps shaky on some of the fundamental concepts and derivations, such as categorical cross-entropy loss or backpropagation? Alternatively, would you like an introduction to machine learning without relying on “magical” frameworks that seem to perform AI miracles with only a […]

Real-time BART Commute Mapping with GTFS-RT Data

If you’re a train or bus commuter, knowing the real-time location and time to arrival of the next ride are crucial data points. We’ll use BART APIs and the TomTom Maps SDK to create a real-time commute map.

Add TomTom Maps to a Website in 30 Seconds

Adding a map to a web page has never been easier. All that’s required is a basic HTML document, the TomTom Maps SDK for Web, and a few simple lines of JavaScript code. We’ll show you how.