Monitoring MySQL Database Performance with New Relic

MySQL is an open source relational database system that, like Linux, started its history as a personal side project. Over its 25 years of history, MySQL has gained significant traction, and today a broad range of companies, such as Sony and Uber, use it to run their multi-petabyte mission-critical databases. In a way, MySQL has been a victim of its own success. […]

Monitoring Redis Database Performance with New Relic

In this article you see why monitoring is essential for achieving a fast, scalable, and fault-tolerant Redis database, and learn about the key metrics you should monitor to make sure your Redis master and replica instances are operating at their best.

Monitoring Elasticsearch with New Relic

Elasticsearch started out as a wrapper for Apache Lucene, an open source search and index engine. Over time, it evolved into a full-featured, distributed document data store and now is the most popular enterprise search engine and database in the industry. Elasticsearch adoption tends to fit several use cases. It can be used as a […]

PostgreSQL on Kubernetes

First released in 1997, PostgreSQL is in its twenties—quite something in the fast-paced software industry. Despite its age, PostgreSQL is the second most-used relational database system in the world, and has won (for the second consecutive time) the DBMS of the Year Award. How has it managed to stay relevant during all that time? And how does it […]

Embedded IoT Databases with Actian Zen and C/C++

The growing number of smart, connected IoT devices generates exponentially increasing data for your organization: sensors, actuators, control systems and smart cameras capturing real time data. So an obvious question is, how do you manage this data? These edge devices are often resource constrained — relatively slow CPU, limited memory and often little storage. From […]

Embedded IoT Databases with Actian Zen and Python

Introduction In the past, embedded computing was a tiny niche of the software development world. Hardware was expensive, difficult to obtain, and even more difficult to write software for. Fortunately, that is changing. With the introduction of inexpensive, easy-to-use embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi, IoT computing has moved into the mainstream. While not as […]

Embedded IoT Databases with Actian Zen, Windows IoT Core and C#

In this article, our focus will be installing Actian Zen Edge Server for IoT on an ARM-based Raspberry Pi running the Windows IoT Core operating system, capturing some simple time series data, writing it to the Zen database and retrieving data from the database.