Inter-App Messaging with Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, and CosmosDB

With the rise of cloud computing, microservices and serverless are the latest frameworks for problem-solving. With microservices, you can build truly scalable and distributed systems. Using serverless solutions, your application will scale up and down automatically, depending on usage, without needing to worry about infrastructure. The new challenge that microservices bring is allowing separate microservices […]

What is Geocoding?

This article explains how to geocode an address to coordinates that can be used to pin-point locations on a map.

Embedded IoT Databases with Actian Zen and C/C++

The growing number of smart, connected IoT devices generates exponentially increasing data for your organization: sensors, actuators, control systems and smart cameras capturing real time data. So an obvious question is, how do you manage this data? These edge devices are often resource constrained — relatively slow CPU, limited memory and often little storage. From […]

Embedded IoT Databases with Actian Zen and Python

Introduction In the past, embedded computing was a tiny niche of the software development world. Hardware was expensive, difficult to obtain, and even more difficult to write software for. Fortunately, that is changing. With the introduction of inexpensive, easy-to-use embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi, IoT computing has moved into the mainstream. While not as […]