Building a WordPress Plugin with Amadeus APIs: Part 1

This article will demonstrate, step-by-step, how to create a simple WordPress plugin, equip it with an admin page where users can configure the API credential settings and give the plugin the ability to communicate with the Flight Offers Search API.

PostgreSQL on Kubernetes

First released in 1997, PostgreSQL is in its twenties—quite something in the fast-paced software industry. Despite its age, PostgreSQL is the second most-used relational database system in the world, and has won (for the second consecutive time) the DBMS of the Year Award. How has it managed to stay relevant during all that time? And how does it […]

Tableau Analytics: Why Developers Should Pay Closer Attention

Tableau is a powerful tool in the Business Intelligence (BI) market. It is akin to having the user serve as the Director of Analytics for a room full of developers. The user issues a quick line of script and a few drags of the mouse to orchestrate an elaborate series of number crunching steps reminiscent […]