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Our video series where developers answer questions about what makes for useful technical content.

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Ask a Developer – Quick Questions

Short snippets from our video series.

Jason van Brackel Reads Blogs to Get to Docs

Andy Schwam Wants To Read a Technical Opinion

Jason Gaylord Uses Slack To Get Alerts For New Technical Content

Sam Basu Wants Documentation, Integrations, and Real World Examples

Jess Chadwick Thinks Screenshots Are Developer-Friendly

Andy Morrell Advises Multi Media for Developer-Friendly Content

Joe Guadagno Emphasized the Importance of Images in Developer-Friendly Tech Content

Alice Brosey Says SEO Is Important for Developer-Friendly Content

What Type of Technical Blog Content Do You Like?

What Makes a Great Technical Blog?

Where Do You Go for Technical Content?

What Content Lights You Up?

What About the Topics for Tutorials, Blogs, and White Papers?

How Frequently Do You Expect to See New Blog Posts?

What About Using Video for Tutorials?

What About Content Links to On-Line Editors?

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